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What do you see when you look at yourself on a video call?

When you stare at yourself in a Zoom call, do you find yourself analysing your appearance? Do you think about how you look and find yourself being super critical, analysing your haircut, your jawline, the condition of your skin? What about on the inside? We spend so much time staring at ourselves all day, wouldn’t it be great to have the tools to see ourselves from the inside in a way that helps us build confidence to reach for our goals? That’s where a good coach comes in.

Coaching raises your self-awareness

We asked Olga Netchaeva, a member of the SheRocks! coaching team to tell us what compelled her to become a certified coach:

"I became a coach to help people see the potential in themselves, to look inward and find strength. As an adult educator specializing in leadership development, I see how coaching can help people, regardless of where you are in your career journey. The “aha” moments that come from working with a coach exceed any formal training out there. Coaching is a development tool that empowers and creates deep shifts in our mindset, outlook and behaviours. It’s not so easy to do on your own."

A good coach helps leaders lead themselves first. That’s the foundation for a fulfilling career and a satisfying life.



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