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Leadership Career Accelerator
Coaching Program

Are you a motivated, high-performing woman who wants to move into leadership or your first C-Suite role? Do you have the drive, the experience, and the knowledge but are missing the confidence?

All you need is SheRocks! coaching. Here is more about our six-month program with one-on-one biweekly sessions.

Step 1 - Trust Yourself

We start by getting crystal clear on your career goals and where you are in relation to them. For example, perhaps you want to move up to a regional director role and you have started doing some research on what it will take for you to be successful but you catch yourself doubting if you’re good enough. We work on forming a new, more positive thought pattern – the self-talk that replays in your head – one where you focus on your unique strengths as a leader, your rich experience and your unstoppable potential.

(2-3 sessions with optional customized assessment)

You tap into your strengths and reimagine your true capabilities. And, we’re just getting started!  

The Result?

Step 2 - Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone

New skills and habits are honed through consistent practice over time. Same goes for forming and reinforcing new ways of thinking that support your goals. In this phase of the program you will practice the skills you need to move up, and confidence-building behaviours, all with support from your coach, using a tailored approach. Whether it involves more networking with executives or public speaking, we will help you focus your efforts on what is most beneficial for you and your ultimate goal. Consistent action, feedback and reflection will propel you forward in your leadership development journey. 

(5-6 sessions)

Your self-confidence grows exponentially as you take meaningful action to fine-tune your skills with the support and feedback of your coach, cheering you on.

The Result?

Step 3 - Rock Your Leadership

You now have a clear sense of who you are as a leader and you have taken your leadership skills to the next level. It is time to celebrate all the ways in which you have grown! We help you reflect and internalize your learning so that it serves you in your next leadership role (just around the corner!)

(1-2 sessions)

You develop unshakable confidence and trust in your ability to successfully tackle any and all leadership challenges that come your way.

The Result?

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