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Starting Strong Coaching Program to Support You in a New Role

Are you starting a new exciting role and want to make your mark? As you embark on a new challenge, SheRocks! coaching can help you through this transition - with practical advice to be strategic, impactful and people-focused.  Here is more about our six-month program with one-on-one biweekly sessions.

Step 1 - Start Strong

Once you land your new promotion, your SheRocks! coach will support you in transitioning to your new role with confidence and enthusiasm. Perhaps you’re tasked with leading a major change or a department that is completely new to you and it feels like your attention is divided between a dozen priorities on any given day. We will help you quickly assess what is important to pay attention to in your new environment, identify key relationships and start building your credibility.

(2-3 sessions)

You launch your new job with confidence, build trust with your team and nurture key stakeholder relationships. 

The Result?

Step 2 - Shape Your Vision

Now that you know the lay of the land, you can form a clear vision for the mark that you want to make in this role. What do you want to do with this new opportunity? How might you make this position your own? Perhaps your fresh perspective is exactly what’s needed to solve a long-standing problem. We will help you evaluate possibilities, define what success means to you in this role and map out exactly what you’ll need to do in your first year to get there. We will also examine which of your strengths and talents will help you have the positive impact you envision. 

(1-2 sessions)

You have a crystal clear vision for yourself and your team, and the confidence to act on it. 

The Result?

Step 3 - Start Acting On Your Vision

We start laying the groundwork to realize the vision you just painted. Drawing on what you’ve learned about your team, their needs and aspirations, you will work on finding the right set of motivators to build excitement around your vision for the department. Your coach will work with you to identify your unique needs for success and how to effectively ask for support. You will bring more authenticity to how you lead because when you show up completely aligned with the type of leader you want to be seen as, it is much easier to rally people around your unique vision of success!

(2 sessions)

You are set up for long-term success in your new role where you get to have the impact you want as a leader.

The Result?

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