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SheRocks! is here to help professional immigrants get in leadership positions

Did you know that professional new immigrants are constantly told not to include all of their education, the languages they speak, or the (senior) leadership experiences they have in their resume?

Most of the time they do that and organizations are losing out on truly exceptional talent and leadership capacity.

Two problems that can easily be solved:

  1. It is extremely hard for new immigrants to land in a leadership role.

  2. Organizations are struggling with attracting and retaining leadership talent.

As an immigrant I was told that I can be too direct. So to be true to myself I'll be very direct. Professional immigrants showcase most of the thought-after future leadership skills and competencies that organizations are looking for.

Do you need someone with an open mind combined with knowledge, experience and a fresh point of view?

Hire those leaders who showed true courage by leaving their homes even though they experienced a myriad of uncertainties. Those who demonstrated their smart-risk taking and strategic thinking abilities along with the eagerness to learn by starting a new life. Those who constantly move out of their comfort zone by making new connections.

Hire those leaders who authentically champion equity and inclusion, who are eager to give back by helping others to reach their full potential and who do all this in a second, third or fourth language which again opens up opportunities for new and innovative solutions.

Along with others, these leaders will take your organization to the next level.

New professional immigrants, SheRocks! can help you overcome barriers.

Reach out, check our website and let’s get you in a leadership position.



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