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Are you in a career rut? Here’s advice from our executive coach

Coaches ask their clients probing questions that lead to aha moments. Here are some of my favourites when working with clients feeling stuck in a career rut…

Think about what is causing you to feel that you’re in a rut? What is the core issue?

Can the issue be addressed without changing jobs? If so, try this first:

  • Do courageous conversations need to happen with your colleagues, boss, clients, etc.? Think about how you can initiate these conversations.

  • Think about your part in creating the issue. What have you done or have not done to resolve the situation in your current job/career to get to this point? What can you do differently from here? Who can help you turn things around?

If you cannot resolve the issue, go to the next step - get clear on your ideal next opportunity:

  • What you would like your career or next role to be. Consider your strengths, interests, values, aspirations.

  • Where does this lead you? Where are the opportunities that align with your vision of your ideal job?

  • Consider who in your network can help you explore this area further and help you learn more about what the job is really like or introduce you to people in the area.

  • Research what you will need in terms of knowledge, skills and experience.

Written by Olga Netchaeva. Olga is an executive coach partnering with SheRocks!

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