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Our Team

With decades of executive coaching and communications experience, our team is ready to help women reach their full potential. 


Nupur Khandelwal


Nupur is a keynote speaker, thought leader and a recognized human resources professional. She helps people and organizations deliver human-centric programs.



Reka Tokes

Reka is a leader, innovator and AI catalyst. A published author and the producer of an educational TV Series.

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Anne Matthews

Anne is a communications and digital storyteller with 20 years’ experience in government strategy, engagement and interpersonal communications. She helps people and organizations find their voice for positive change. 

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Olga Netchaeva 

Leadership Assessments

Olga is a leadership coach, strategic HR consultant and workplace educator. She helps individuals and teams get better results by tapping into their full potential. 

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Research and Development

Christine Roberts

Christine has her education and work experience in community development and leadership enrichment.  She has a passion for working in collaboration with others to realize their potential and build positive and inclusive environments. 


Nora Cassidy

Website and Media Development

Nora is a creative teen, beginning her multi-media empire. Nora is passionate about creating an inclusive society.

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